Supertest: M41 Bulldog (Tier 8)

Updated stats for the M41 Walker-Bulldog as it makes its transition to Tier 8. Note, it will no longer have its autoloader gun at Tier 8. The autoloader is technically a stock configuration, might still be there just not shown since wargaming considers the non autoloader as the fully upgraded gun in the current version, not a bad gun just a lot of people like big clips rather than using 10 degrees of gun depression and laser accuracy. What is this constant bitching about Russian tanks?? R we playing the same game? Have 4k games on russian meds and they are no match for my aufM or M

Game Modes

Source: QuickyBabyTV. Today CroCristijan is going to show you how to drive the T7 American light tank the M41 Walker Bulldog finishing 2nd in the k competition and winning a Fury tank! World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.

Why does the Walker Bulldog fight only in the tier 5 event? Is it some attempt at historical matchmaking? It should also fight in its battlerating.

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Links to source articles are always provided! Join us for weekly events and help decide if the game has a future in the AJSA. Featuring news, gameplay clips, and more from the community! Started by DeadlyPeanut , April 5, Posted April 5, But you can trade with your 76mm armed and lower tanks now effectively. The REAL kicker This tank and the amx 13 57 GF were two high tier light premiums both now are just Overpowered status, dare I say.

The absolute filth you can dispense on people in those tanks is wrong at times. This tank caries enough, but I have run out once before.

Weak points of M41 Walker Bulldog

The changes mainly related to the 76 mm M32 gun, which was re-bored to 90 mm and shortened by mm. This tank takes some of the best attributes from all the other lights at tier and combines them all to create a very versatile light tank that can load its HEAT shell and go after some of the bigger tanks in the game, or can load up its HEP and chase down other lights, or even load AP and perform a sniping role. However, this tank does have its limitations as your HEP shell will almost never work against the better armored light tanks.

You can also count out any chance of a random bounce here and there, as it has a max of 25mm of armor and if you’re fighting anything with good HE rounds you’re better off staying side-on and hoping your tracks block their HE shell. In the end, this tank is a premium vehicle and can more than compete with its non-premium counterparts while making a decent profit as long as you keep from firing too much HEAT.

Having moved from tier 7 to tier 8, the Walker-Bulldog effectively gets the same matchmaking as before, but the removal of its autoloader has been one of the.

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Update 9.20.1: Matchmaker Improvements

A platoon is a way of playing World of tanks with one or two friends. You form a platoon by inviting your friends into a platoon that you form, or by accepting their invitation. A platoon consistes of two or three players. This post is going to concentrate on a few basic principles regarding what tanks you should use. As a general rule, you should always use tanks from the same tier.

2 down, 1 to go!! M41 Walker Bulldog Gifting a low tier player a tier 8 premium matchmaking tank is so much fun just giving them a little push/help in the game.

I’ll answer any questions you have concerning the vehicles in the post above. How exactly would that function in a combat situation? Ligth tanks usually rely on mobility to stay alive but that thing looks waaaay too small for the gun it’s packing, I imagine it would have trouble firing it unless completely stationary and possibly braced so it doesn’t tip over.

The overall weight for the L-5 and L-6 were quite heavy as well 26 and 30t each so they aren’t the smallest vehicles. I have to same instinct telling me the L-5 and L-6 were not designed to be fire-on-the-move gun platforms. It also look an awful lot like the T71 we have in-game. In-game T71 rather looks like L-7, than the original model of it.

Pasholok and Co. Wieros EU. More like the current T71 is an elaboration upon the first of the two rather “thereabouts” concept drawings above, unless it’s based on something more detailed ofc. I started stockpiling XP on the Chaffee a while ago, I’ve reamed of getting a Walker Bulldog ever since I first heard about it over a year ago.

M41 Walker Bulldog – 12 Kills – 4,500+ DMG..

Jump to content. Turboclicker, on 15 December – AM, said:. Awesome match but that matchmaking

Oil Rig Supply Vessel Matchmaker Craft Kit MM About this item Matchmaker​. EAN. Tamiya US M41 Walker Bulldog (19).

Tuesday, 16 June He decided to stop giving any answers at all through the usual channels. However, to be fair, he made also a poll to find out whether players want more answers the same way as until now or not. So far, 62 percent are in favor of current answer system, 14 percent are mostly satisfied, 12 percent are not happy with vague answers and would prefer Storm to not write if he can’t be concrete and 12 percent don’t want him to write anything at all anymore.

In the comments of the said post however, Storm continued to answer the same way and seems happy to do so. Too internal info. The type of battle will return as well will replace the 9. I am serious. And the daily, oh dear, ” A Dude ” made this today:.

Suggestion: New World of Tanks Scout Line – American.

Have you ever played Himmelsdorf against a team that has more heavies than you? Update 9. Simply put, we taught the matchmaker to see the difference between the Maus and IS-7, for example. Now, it balances them separately. Along with balancing teams by vehicle classes artillery, light tanks, and tank destroyers and Platoons, the matchmaker now looks into the intended roles each tank plays in combat and ensures each side has a similar number of vehicles that play the same role.

Of course, their exact number might differ, but this difference is one vehicle at the most.

It remains to be seen if the advantage in matchmaking outweighs the nerf in scouting ability. I, for one, think M41 Walker Bulldog. The Bulldog.

View Full Version : 9. Supertest notes released. Enhanced Suspension module for the M46 Patton tank added. Several characteristics of the M5 Stuart tank changed. Visual effects of explosions and burning added for the following environmental objects: cisterns, barrels with fuel, cars, canisters, ammo boxes. Design of the top panel in the Garage reworked.

Following new features for Stronghold added: legionaries players can now engage in Skirmishes even if they are not in a clan and the Chancellery, which relays unique Special Instructions to clans. Following effects of vehicle destruction overhauled and expanded: ammunition burning, ammunition exploding, fuel exploding, destruction by ramming and by falling, destruction of crew, vehicle drowning, and basic vehicle destruction.

Information about quality of connection in the server selection menu added.

M41 Bulldog….

Of course, such a feat was impossible. That is, until today! Although this was a report written in , it still includes a number of vehicles we consider low. From here, we must jump all the way to tier 5, with the Type T marked only as T with 76 mm gun, but in the Chinese section with a rating of 0. At tier 6, we have the T 0. Seems that, like in WoT, the numbers are stacked towards anti-tank performance.

Such matchmaking adjustment will increase waiting time in queue for all tanks: for tanks/TDs M41 Walker Bulldog is not planned for

Patch 9. Although most of these changes look very bad, I thought it would be worth playing each tank with no bias, ignoring the numbers, just to see how they felt in actual gameplay. Donations are welcome, especially credits. Its awful gun handling left it much worse than some of the other t8 lights, including the TL. It had some use in stronks, but in general was obsolete. Enter the new and improved 9.

M41 Walker Bulldog is Walking Out of My life World of Tanks Blitz