Rebuilding ‘50s Kluson Tuners

Over the years, it became a common practice to replace the original tuners most commonly, with Grover Rotomatics , either because the originals were thought to be inferior, or because the originals wore out or got bent or broken. With current-day values of old Gibsons – the Les Paul line in particular – being so elevated, the value of these guitars is higher when they’re in the most original condition they can be. Some people are lucky enough to own guitars where the original tuners were saved, and therefore the original tuners may be reinstalled. Naturally, it’s important to people to have the same model tuners that were original equipment for the era their guitar was built. There are a lot of questions about which models were used when. For people who are relatively new to the vintage market, there are a whole array of terms that are used to describe these different models that are confusing and misunderstood. Terms like: ‘single-line’, ‘double-line’, ‘single-ring’, ‘double-ring’, ‘Pat. I’ll attempt to cover as much of that as I can in this page. I’ll refer to Les Pauls a lot in the various sections, but it can just as easily apply to other Gibson models of that era. Almost every one of the variations was present.

Fender Japan Serial Number On Headstock

In the years between and , Epiphone used quite a variety of tuning machine models — single units and strip units, with open and enclosed gear, with metal and plastic buttons, gold and nickel plating, etc. And as we will see, the devil is again in the detail: Some easily overlooked features are often relevant to identify the manufacturing date of a tuner model — and to determine if the machines are original to an instrument in question. Tuners were parts instrument makers typically didn’t make in-house but commissioned from a number of specialized manufacturers: In the 20th century, the “big 3” names of the American tuner business were Grover, Waverly, and Kluson — companies who counted most major guitar makers among their customers — Martin, Gibson, Epiphone, to name just a few:.

Epiphone ordered tuners from each of these three companies. In most cases, the maker of a model can be identified: Some products bear a brand stamp, while others can be attributed by some unique design details. However, in a few cases there is still some uncertainty regarding the manufacturer — including Epiphone’s own custom enclosed tuners see 6.

The Kluson wafflebacks on my old SG Custom were excellent tuners, too. Grover Sta-tite tuners, on most of my old archtop guitars, were set ’em.

Cataloging my experiences and encounters repairing and restoring guitars. Jumble of Kluson tuners from my collection About Kluson tuners appear in two variants; one which has the exposed gear assembly se Be excellent to each other dudes. The Amateur Luthier. Home Top Ad. Jumble of Kluson tuners from my collection. About Kluson tuners appear in two variants; one which has the exposed gear assembly seen above and the other which has a covered assembly.

The former were used up until the late s when the covered tuners took over. This article focuses on those open-back tuners and is my attempt at a chronological order for them. Most Kluson buttons are composed of an early, unstable plastic formulation which shrinks and crumbles with age. The Kluson Curse. They become a light brown, clay-like color which leads some people to, incorrectly, assume the buttons are made of clay. The green ‘keystone’ buttons, which appear on vintage Gibson guitars, are subject to the same faults due to the composition of the plastic.

Its uncommon to see Kluson tuners with original buttons intact but they do exist and are likely due to variances in the plastic used.

Vintage Kluson Deluxe Guitar Tuners Old Single Line Klusons 1957-63/64

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GCS Baseplate underneath the bridge pickup, that adds 10% more Bass; Gotoh tremolo; Kluson tuners; Switchcraft 5 way switch; CTS pots; Orange drop.

I have an early Japanese market one of these all black with A serial number on the neckplate. This allows you to accurately date a modern Gretsch guitar by its serial number. Serial number is on headstock and it’s E, there is also big Squier logo, smaller “by Fender”, “Stratocaster” and “Made in Japan”. Condition: Very Good. The white one is a Fender Heartfield.

If the code is like VG1-xxxxx you just pick 5 numbers and you are good to go.

Guide to Kluson Open Back Tuners

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Dating kluson tuners

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Guitars Bass Amps Pedals Players. I was able to date the tuners by referencing a few of their features. With these distinct features I was able to deduce that the Kluson tuners were manufactured between and mid Prep Cleaning To remove years of grime and whatever else might be growing on these tuners, I used Q-tips lightly moistened with naptha on the tuner button, shaft, cover, and chassis.

While cleaning the plastic oval button, I made sure to carefully wipe away from the button fractures, to avoid packing more grime into the crevices. I used hydrogen peroxide for the final cleaning; by dipping the tuner button in hydrogen peroxide for a few seconds you can see the bubbling effect lifting the remaining grime out of those hard-to-clean crevices. We then let the tuners dry off for 24 hours before moving forward with our rebuild. Button Rebuild The tuner buttons were showing a medium amount of shrinkage with light deterioration from the passing of many years — they were definitely candidates for rebuilding and not replacement.

If a replacement is needed, Stew-Mac sells vintage style buttons for this procedure.

Chronology of Kluson tuners used from late 1936 to 1946 on J-35s, L-0/00, J-45/50s, LGs, SJs

If you are the site owner and are finished building the site you can click the link in the banner of the administration panel to disable it. Dating vintage kluson tuners Kluson-Style gotoh on vintage kluson sdmnp 6 in-line vintage tuning machines, single line buttons, the one-piece maple neck and gold. Hex tuner machine keys – order soon.

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Hurricane Bob. Kluson tuners for my Gibson L Got some great new Kluson tuners for my Gibson today and they are awesome! The golden age tuners were plain terrible and now I am a happy camper. My guitar tech did have to install a few new mounting screws but that’s the price of happiness. Klusons don’t seem to get much love in the forums but I had to replace some crappy OEM tuners on an experimental Eastman I got and decided to go with some Tone-Pro Klusons.

That was about three years ago and time has proven them to be smooth and precise and trouble free. I’d do it again in a second. These Tone pro Kluson tuners are fantastic- smooth, precise, and look great. The Golden Age Tuners were awful; sloppy and hare to turn. I was hesitant to drill 2 holes per side to install but she needs to be played.

Upgrading guitar tuners: what you need to know