Postdating of patent applications at the Indian Patent Office

Post-dating allows the patent application to shift the original application date forward to a later date. Usually, the period to shift the original application date is maximum six months. Some countries such as India, New Zealand and United Kingdom provide an option to extend the period for filing the complete specification up to six months. In New Zealand, a request to post date must be filed within 15 months of the original filing date. As per Article 87 4 of the European Patent Convention EPC , a post dated application can be considered as priority application, provided that, at the date of filing the European application, the previous application has been withdrawn, abandoned or refused, without being open to public inspection and without leaving any rights outstanding, and has not served as a basis for claiming a right of priority. The previous application may not thereafter serve as a basis for claiming a right of priority. In , the 6 Gulf countries namely Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates had come together to form a unitary, uniform and harmonized cooperation council to ensure a single system of patent rights protection by way of a single application covering all the 6 participating countries. Applicants must ensure filing of applications with the GCC within 12 months of the priority date. It will be not possible if it is more than a year. Consider that the original filing date of the foreign priority application is March 31, and the applicant post-dated to September 30,

Post Dating Patent Application India – Post Dating of Patent Application – India

This makes it clear that the date of the provisional priority cannot determining published. In such an event, a act has arisen by which a formal complete specification is filed within the twelve months system. The examination of the complete specification is then postdated. Thereafter the indian specification is converted to a provisional and further complete example was being filed in respect of the complete specification now published to a provisional.

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Law College, Pune University. The World Trade Organisation defines intellectual property rights as the rights given to persons over the creations of their minds. Patent is such form of intellectual property rights, similar to Copyright, Trademark and Design. Patent gives exclusive rights over the use of such creations for a specific period of time. In India, patents are governed by the Patents Act, , which enumerates provisions regarding everything about patents, including the procedures for filing applications for patent.

Section 6 of the Act provides for the persons entitled to make an application for a patent. Any person who is the first and true inventor of an invention can apply for a patent in regards to that invention in the patent office. However, such a right to make an application can be transferred in favour of an assignee of the first and true inventor of the invention. In such case, the application has to be accompanied by a proof of right to make an application [1] along with a declaration that the person so claiming is the first and true inventor of the invention [2].

An application for a patent may also be filed by a legal representative of a deceased person who was entitled to such patent before his death. In such a case, the priority date of the complete specification is the date on which the basic application was filed, if the claim is based on the matter disclosed in the basic application. For the purpose of determining the period of 12 months in case the applicant has furnished two or more similar applications, the period of 12 months starts from the date on which the earliest application was furnished.

International application is an application that is filed in accordance with the Patent Cooperation Treaty. Such applications provide patent protection in a large number of countries through a single application instead of filing a number of regional applications.

Post-dating of patent applications and its implications

Explanation:- It is hereby clarified that for the purpose of this section, exclusive right to sell or distribute any article or substance under this section shall not include an article or substance based on the system on Indian Medicine as defined in clause e of sub-section 1 of section 2 of he Indian Medicine Central Council Act, 48 of , and where such article or substance is already in the public domain.

Provided that nothing in this sub-section shall apply in a case where a person makes or uses an article or a substance with a view to sell or distribute the same the details of invention relatable thereto were given by a person who was holding an exclusive right to sell or distribute the article or substance. The provisions in relation to compulsory licences in Chapter XVI shall, subject to the necessary modifications, apply in relation to an exclusive right to sell or distribute under Section 24B as they apply to, and in relation to , a right under a patent to sell or distribute and for that purpose the following modifications shall be deemed to have been made to the provisions of that Chapter and all their grammatical variations and cognate expressions shall be construed accordingly, namely: a.

An application under this section may be made by any person notwithstanding that he is already the holder of a licence under the patent and no person shall be estopped from alleging that the reasonable requirements of the public with respect to the patented invention are not satisfied or that the patented invention is not available to the public at a reasonable price by reason of any admission made by him, whether in such a licence or otherwise or by reason of his having accepted such a licence.

Where any country specified by the Central Government in this behalf by notification in the Official Gazette does not accord to citizens of India the same rights in respect of the grant of patents and the protection of patent rights as it accords to its own nationals, no national of such country shall be entitled, either solely or jointly with any other person: a.

Analysis of the Indian statute. In situations where an applicant has filed a provisional specification followed by a complete after provisional (CAP) specification, the.

Post dating means to change the priority date of a patent application to a later date. The Indian Patent Act enables a patent application to be post dated under Sec 17 of the Patents Act to a maximum of 6 months from the date of making this kind of application, provided that the request for post dating is made before the grant of the patent. The importance of securing earliest priority date for a patent is a known fact. In fact filing of provisional application is done for this precise reason.

But if that is a known fact, why in certain cases inventors choose post dating for their patent applications? The general perception behind the requirement of post dating is that post dating is done to extend the 12 months timeline to file the complete specification after filing a provisional specification, as in some cases the inventor needs more time for filing. However, it can not be post-dated as explained below in the analysis.

What is a provisional patent application? What are its advantages ?

Post-dating means to change the priority date of a patent application to a later date. The Indian Patents Act facilitates a patent application, whether provisional or non-provisional, to be post-dated under Section 17 of the Patents Act, , to a maximum of six months, from the date of making of such application, provided that the request for post-dating has been filed by the applicant before the grant of the patent.

Similar provisions of post-dating a patent application also exist in New Zealand and United Kingdom. However, the United States of America does not have any provision for post-dating of patent applications.

before the Indian Patent Office (IPO), by way of a post-grant Prior claiming in a patent application filed in India with an earlier priority date.

The Patent Office has been committed to revise the Manual of Patent Office Practice and Procedure hereinafter the Manual from time to time based on interpretations by a Court of Law, statutory amendments and valuable inputs from the stakeholders. Accordingly, after a long gap of around 8 years, the erstwhile Manual. Since , multiple amendments have been made in the Patents Rules , and considerable changes have been made in the patent practice and procedure, including automation and electronic work flow, and it was the need of the hour to revise the manual to capture these developments and provide more transparency in the functioning of the Patent Office.

While there are numerous changes over the older version of the manual, to capture the developments and also to provide further clarifications over the already covered provisions, the key changes are highlighted below:. The Manual describes the common procedures and practices regarding type and submission of documents, like affidavits, only a single copy of any original document, and appropriate stamp duty for Form 26, under the Indian Stamps Act.

The Manual clarifies that self-declaration signed before the Controller would also be acceptable as evidence, if the Controller so allows. The Manual also clarifies that, in case of multiple filing of a document, the latest document shall be considered as final and the corresponding earlier document shall be considered as superseded and cancelled. The new Manual includes the definition of small entity and start up in line with the amendments made in Patents Rules, However, the Section for reference provided in the Manual is Section 1 la which seems to be a mistake.

The new Manual clarifies that a proof of right is required in all applications, irrespective of whether it is a convention application or a national phase application. Similar clarification has been issued with respect to filing of Declaration as to inventorship in Form 5, which is required to filed with even convention applications and national phase applications, and where complete is filed after provisional application.

The new Manual also seems to make it mandatory to file a self-attested copy of a general power of attorney, if it has already been filed in another application. It was already present in the rules, and now has been clarified in the new Manual that a patent agent has to file, leave, make or give all documents only by electronic transmission duly authenticated. All documents and copies of the documents, except affidavits and drawings, filed with patent office, shall be:.

Post dating of the application

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by publication before the date of the filing of the application in any of the specification filed in pursuance of application for patent in India on or after the 1st day of.

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By the post-dating of the grant of a patent.

Post dating of patent application in india

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“Convention application” means an application for a patent made by virtue of and post-date the application to the date of filing of the complete specification.

In the context of Industrial design protection relates to the creation of a shape, configuration or composition of pattern or color, or combination of pattern and color in three dimensional form containing aesthetic value. An industrial design can be a two- or three-dimensional pattern used to produce a product, ornamentation of any article made by industrial, industrial commodity or handicraft. Read more Patent is a monopoly right granted by the State to an inventor for a limited period, in respect of the invention, to the exclusion of all others.

In turn, it is obligatory for the inventor to disclose complete details of the invention to ensure that it can be worked on a commercial scale. Once the term of patent expires, the invention comes into the public domain. In India, all patents are granted for period of 20 years. Patent protection is territorial right and therefore it is effective only within the territory of India. However, filing an application in India enables the applicant to file a corresponding application for same invention in convention countries, within or before expiry of twelve months from the filing date in India.

Therefore, separate patents should be obtained in each country where the applicant requires protection of his invention in those countries. There is no patent valid worldwide.

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Some applicants file a provisional application to secure the earliest priority date for their invention, following it with a non-provisional application within 12 months. Provisional applications not only allow applicants to quickly secure the priority date for their invention, but also provide a period of 12 months to further conceptualize their inventions and to determine their feasibility.

Applicants often need more than 12 months to finalize the details of the invention and therefore, may consider post-dating the provisional application. Section 17 of the Patents Act, act , provides that, subject to provisions of section 9, a patent application may be post-dated for a maximum of six months from the original filing date. Applicants do not need to request the full allowable term of six months, but may ask for a lesser period or file multiple requests as long they do not exceed the limit of six months in total.

Section 17 of the Indian Patents Act provides for postdating of patent applications​. The preamble to Section 17 clearly states that the provisions.

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There are now therefore three different Applicants and different sets of fees will apply to each of these Applicants. Biotechnology may be defined as the combined use of science and technology to exploit biological processes. The inventor is the principal actor in the patent prosecution drama. Section 7 of the Indian Patents Act prescribes that where the application is made by virtue of an assignment of the right to apply for a patent for an invention The Intellectual Property A.

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Post Dating of Patent Application – India

How much does it cost to get a patent in India? What are the requirements to file a patent in India? What is the patent office procedure for patent registration in India? How are patents examined in India?

The beneficiary then files for a visa, post dating of patent application in india before or after passing the medical requirements and is called for an interview.

As per section 9 3 , the specification purporting to be a complete specification is downgraded to the Provisional specification. Is the new PS will be its new priority date? As per section 9 4 , if the applicant so requests at any time before grant of patent, cancel the provisional specification and post-date the application to the date of filing of the complete specification.

Whats the reason behind before grant of patent, ex. As per section 17 2 , no application shall be post-dated under this sub-section to a date later than six months. The purpose of filing a provisional specification is to secure the priority of the invention. The rule for following up a provisional specification with a complete specification is that the complete has to be filed within 12 months of the first disclosure. The time period to do this is 12 months from the first disclosure, i.

Now, to answer your questions. The applicant gets only 12 months from the purported complete and not from the new provisional. The consequence of cancelling and post-dating is that the applicant will lose the priority it gained by filing the provisional. The effect of cancelling the provisional is that it cannot be relied for determining priority. There can be no fair basis analysis from a cancelled provisional.

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