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Bluebook Of Pianos. Some p iano manufacturers place serial numbers in various places. The age of your piano is determined by the Serial Number. Pianos also have numbers other than serial numbers, such is the case with part or patent numbers. Some pianos do not have serial numbers when they are manufactured as “House Brands” for large retailers. The manufacturing facilities at East Rochester was comprised of a series of separate and individual factories planned so that manufacturing of the various instruments was carried on in an entirely individual and distinct manner, and by separate organizations, each under direction of men who had been associated with each respective make for many years, thus preserving, unimpaired, the individual and distinctive qualities of each piano.

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The most accurate way to determine a piano’s age is by its serial number. Click on following Help Site. The manufacturing facilities at East Rochester was comprised of a series of separate and individual factories planned so that manufacturing of the various instruments was carried on in an entirely individual and distinct manner, and by separate organizations, each under direction of men who had been associated with each respective make for many years, thus preserving, unimpaired, the individual and distinctive qualities of each piano.

Combined they made a great and powerful contribution to the art of music, for each of the great instruments they produced will continue providing magnificent music for generations to come. Tremaine was a business genius who brought about the commercial exploitation of the piano player on a big scale. Tremaine’s father had built a successful small business making and cranked table-top-sized mechanical organs, a very popular item in homes in the late ‘s.

He founded the “Aeolian Organ and Music Company” around ; the firm achieved considerable success with larger instruments and organs. His son took over in and immediately set about to apply his own business acumen to the company’s affairs. With the newly perfected “Pianola,’ he launched an aggressive advertising campaign which was entirely new to the stodgy piano business. With four page color advertisements almost unheard of in that day published in the popular magazines, he literally stunned the piano industry with the message that here, indeed, was the answer to everyone’s prayer for music in the home!

Tremaine and Pianola built an enormous business empire over the next thirty years. It wasn’t long after the turn of the century that it was deemed desirable to “miniaturize” the clumsy Pianola and other similar, instruments so that they could be built directly inside the pianos. Within a few short years, the push up”players disappeared from the scene.

By this time everyone got into the act, and every piano maker so manufactured a player of some sort.

Young Chang Akki Company Ltd.

Michael Dresdner. Michael Dresdner loves woodworking, so when the opportunity came up to build guitars he jumped at it. He designed and built several styles of acoustic guitars before being hired by the C. He later worked for Young Chang, the piano company, as they wanted to expand their Larry Fresch Jr. Larry Fresch has worked by day as a sales manager for piano and organ companies and by night as an accomplished saxophone player and singer in Southern California.

I have a kimball upright piano and the serial number is but I don’t know what year it was made. And any idea how much the piano would.

If you have ever wondered about the date that your Kimball piano, or any other piano for that matter, was made, you can easily find out by locating the instrument’s serial number and searching out the year of correspondence. Unfortunately, a serial number will not pinpoint the month of a Kimball piano’s construction, the year is the closest reference point available. Search for the serial number on the front of the piano. A Kimball serial number will most likely be a six-digit number, with the exception of models produced in , which feature the five-digit number Open the lid of the piano and look toward the left of center of the tuning pins.

There is a rectangular or oval plate that commonly features a serial number. Use a flashlight if you are having trouble making out the numbers. Look at the back of the piano. Commonly, Kimball pianos feature serial numbers on the upper left or right corner of the backside of a piano.

How to Find the Month and Year a Kimball Piano Was Made

The years to were a golden age of piano making, a time when pianos had few competitors for home entertainment. Straube manufactured pianos for the last thirty-seven of those years. Industry-wide, nearly , pianos sold in the United States at the peak in , according to the National Piano Manufacturers Association.

The company flourished as an innovator of player pianos , rapidly grew into a high-volume producer of premium and affordable pianos, and earned acclaim for its concert grands. Straube Piano Company developed influential business models based on innovative management, promotion, advertising, and pricing. Its company executives and plant superintendents, particularly E.

KIMBALL. Kimball Serial Numbers.

InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. This article describes the common forms in which asbestos was used in pianos, player pianos, and organs. The article lists common uses of asbestos in these musical instruments and gives the brands and dates of manufacture of asbestos-containing pianos using Starr pianos as a key example.

Asbestos was used in some piano padding and may have appeared in several other forms such as fiber cement asbestos millboard in instruments built for use in humid climates. Thank you for the interesting Asbestos question about pianos. Certainly where asbestos is a general concern, an inspection onsite by an expert will provide far more assurance about asbestos risks than we can provide by web discussion.

Asbestos was used in some piano padding. I have not found a referral to asbestos specifically used within pianos themselves. However it wouldn’t surprise me if pianos made for humid climates didn’t use asbestos millboard for some component parts. Some Starr piano owners and references refer to these labels as “models” of the Star piano line.

While asbestos was widely used in many products at that time, the Cumberland photos we’ve seen, at least of piano exterior, use the expected wood case and hard white and black keys that may be ivory and ebony or celluloid, typically glued over wood. Piano key hammer felt : The white piano key hammers photo at left of a Starr piano interior could have been made of asbestos as that product was listed by Rosato.

Key hammer felt in most pianos is more typically organic fibers.

Piano history

Antique piano values vary widely according to many different criteria. If you have a vintage piano you may wonder what it might be worth. An antique piano is one which is at least years old. Like antique books, antique pianos are not worth a lot of money just because they are old.

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One of the primary ways you can begin to investigate the value of your piano is by locating the serial number. However, locating it can be tricky. We provide our customers with the following real-life diagrams to quickly help them find the serial number on their grand or upright piano. Grand serial numbers like on the Steinway pictured above may be found in many different places. The various places on the diagram point to some possible locations.

Typically, a serial number has 5 to 7 digits, but in some cases, it may have fewer or more and may also include a letter. This is a view of the grand with the lid open and the music desk removed. It may be necessary to clean dust off the harp or soundboard before the serial number can be seen. Upright or vertical piano serial numbers can usually be found by lifting the lid and looking inside on the gold harp or plate. It is usually not necessary to remove the upper front panel to find the serial number as in this picture.

By locating the serial number, you can begin your research to know the value of the piano. The first thing the serial number tells you is the age of the piano.

Piano serial numbers

Some of the most commonly asked questions about our services relates to piano tuning and how much it costs. The simple answer to the question is that all pianos differ, and the rates will vary. Piano tuning is exactly what it implies… the tuning pins will be moved with a tuning hammer , and set to the appropriate tension in order to produce the correct sound.

The way a piano plays is NOT affected by normal piano tuning. In fact, the action or mechanics of the piano are not regulated or removed during the course of normal piano tuning. If the action of the piano has a problem before the piano is tuned, it will have the same problem after tuning unless repairs or regulation are performed to correct it.

history of French Lick Winery and Spirits of French Lick Edible Indy Drink Walk into French Lick Winery, located in the old Kimball piano factory in West Baden.

How Old Is Your Piano? You will need 2 things to determine the age of your piano:. The brand name of the piano. Note: Some pianos will have more than one name for the manufacturer. To make sure that you have all of the information you will need, open the lid of your piano and check out the name or names engraved or printed on the plate. Do NOT trust the name on the outside of the piano since in could have been refinished and a different name added.

The serial number NOT the model number of the piano. To locate the serial number on a vertical piano, open the top and look inside. Almost all of them include the serial number on the plate in a small “window” near the tuning pins. The number will usually be a 4 to 7 digit number, but may include a letter or two.

“Acoustic Piano Serial Numbers & Date of Manufacture”

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Piano Age Calculator – how old is my piano?

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Archives. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in our reading room, and not digitally available through the web. As a scholar and teacher, author, architect and museum director, Fiske Kimball had an insatiable desire to immerse himself in numerous and often simultaneous projects concerning art and architecture, and in turn, to educate and excite others in those pursuits.

Best known for his thirty-year tenure as director of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Kimball packed several prolific careers into his 66 years. Although he never attributed his motivation and drive to any individual or institution, Kimball’s work ethic no doubt was cultivated during his early years, particularly by his father.

Antique Upright Pianos

If you still would like for us to look it up we would ask a nominal fee to be paid through PayPal. Pianos also have other numbers printed on them such as part numbers and many other pianos do not have a serial number at all. Many pianos will have a 4, 5 or 6 digit serial number to identify the age of the piano. Using this number, along with the manufacturer, the age of the piano can sometimes be determined.

To locate the serial number on a grand piano, take the music desk off. It’s usually stamped on the pinblock here. Also look on the soundboard, many of the.

Sunny R best piano brands. There are a few piano builders who handcraft extraordinary instruments — grand pianos so well made that they have surpassed all others in performance and virtuosity. These best piano brands are lauded as Top Tier performance brands, infinitely higher quality than the mass-manufactured pianos with perhaps the more familiar sounding names. It stands to reason that these European pianos with artistic designs are proportionally more expensive, most coveted, and chosen by pianists who treasure excellence in both sound and art in a grand piano.

A piano should satisfy the eye as well as the ear. European best grand piano builders work with designers to create exquisitely unusual piano cases both in traditional piano and in uber modern piano styles. Custom pianos or luxury pianos feature interesting piano motifs, using rare woods, gemstones, metals, glass, intarsia, paintings, mirror, acrylic — an almost limitless array of bespoke art case pianos and benches.

Given that a truly spectacular piano purchase is likely to occur only once in a lifetime, it seems entirely appropriate to celebrate by personalizing the piano in some small discreet or entirely extravagant way! With German origins dating back to , the C. Bechstein pianos cannot be ignored. Bechstein instead. The C. Bechstein cabinetry is much sleeker and more sophisticated than the B series.

Bechstein plates receive the royal hand-rubbed finish; while the other plates are conventionally sprayed.

Antique Piano Values

The most accurate way to determine the specific age of your instrument is by cross-referencing the brand name with the serial number. There are a handful of historical publications that can be used to cross-reference brand names with serial numbers in order to determine specific dates of manufacture. While most major manufactures are listed in these archives, some smaller and lesser-known firms may not be listed.

Sadly, the history of many obscure firms has been lost over time.

He later worked for Young Chang, the piano company, as they wanted to expand Organ Exchange, Kimball Piano Company, Yamaha Corporation of America, Bruce Mitchell is a veteran of the Canadian piano and organ industry dating.

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