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Maxon Effects

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We are shipping at High Capacity. Tracking will be sent via email. This item is Out of Stock. We will contact you with an ETA. The Maxon OD-9 may look just like your old favorite, but that’s where the similarities end. With improved circuitry, the OD-9 stands at the forefront of the Nine Series effects evolution. Therefore, the OD-9 distorts signal in the amplifier section itself which yields a smoother, milder, more natural sounding distortion than a separate clipping stage.

This is also the reason that the IC type used in the circuit has such a large impact on the unit’s tone.

Maxon Pedals

Yes No. OK Cancel. Ibanez serial numbers are unique identifiers placed on instruments sold under the Ibanez brand. Ibanez guitars have used serial numbers since the mid s. Date sources say the serial pedal in September , dating serial numbers ibanez production as early as October have been spotted.

For over 30 years Maxon’s legendary “” overdrive circuit has been an essential ingredient to achieving great guitar tone. Whether it’s used as a booster to.

While we strive to make maxonfx. Of course, there’s sure to be something we’ve left out, so if you have a question or comment regarding any of our products just drop us a line by clicking on the e-mail link to the upper left: If we feel the question deserves more attention we’ll add it to this page! In the early ‘s they developed a line of compact guitar effect units and marketed them in Japan these models are currently available as the Maxon Reissue Series.

The Hoshino Trading Company Ibanez soon took notice and licensed the designs from Maxon for distribution around the globe under the Ibanez brand name. From that time up until early Maxon was responsible for the design and manufacture of many Ibanez products, including the legendary TS and TS-9 Tubescreamers, the rare and collectible Flying Pan, and the popular SoundTank series.

Over the years the companies did less and less business together, until the only unit being built by Maxon was the TS-9 Reissue. In early Maxon ceased manufacture of the TS-9 Reissue for Ibanez and began marketing several of the original Nine Series models under their own Maxon brand name. Besides different chassis the OD comes in a standard Hammond-style enclosure and weighs 1 Lbs. The position of these resistors was reversed in the current production OD-9, although their values were kept the same.

Sonically, the OD-9 will have a little more gain than the OD yet each model offers the smooth, creamy, dynamic overdrive of the original TS and sound extremely similar to one another. However, it also features a clean blend circuit that is controlled by the unit’s Drive knob at zero, the Drive knob will pass clean signal only, and overdriven signal is added as the knob position is increased.

Maxon Distortion Pedals

Generally regarded as the most complete, in-depth, and accurate effects reference to date, the Analog Man Guide features:. This exquisitely printed volume, presented in an 8. Shoaf, Vintage Guitar magazine. Analog Man’s guide to Vintage Effects.

The Maxon OD-9 may look just like your old favorite, but that’s where the Some items such as certain pedals and stomp boxes, accessories and effects may We are open 7 days for your convenience, but please give us a date and time of.

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A reissue of a legendary pedal, the Maxon OD delivers smooth, natural, transparent overdrive like a full-up tube amp. Let your instrument’s tone shine!

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. When is a clone not really a clone? Simple: when it’s designed and built by the original pedal’s creators, making it more of a reissue than a generic clone. Which is exactly what you get with the Maxon OD!

During the late ‘s, Maxon designed and created the original OD overdrive circuit, which later found fame as the legendary Ibanez TS Tubescreamer. Cut to the modern day, and Maxon have decided to re-release the OD circuit under their own name once more, but have improved upon it to make it more suitable for the modern guitarist. Made famous by the early 90’s, the original Tubescreamer is regarded as an absolute must-have for multitudes of guitar players the world over.

With the OD Reissue you get all of the same warm, creamy, organic overdrive tones as the original, but the circuitry has now been improved to slightly reduce noise level without compromising any of that vintage rock and blues sound. Use the OD as a standalone effect going through a clean channel, use it to boost your overdrive channel even further into filthy saturation territory, or even go the way of using two of the pedals together to help you blast out those dynamic riffs with conviction.

Maxon OD9 Overdrive

Maxon is the brand name used by the Nisshin Onpa company of Japan for its line of effects pedals designed for guitar and bass. Nisshin Onpa started mids as a producer of components and OEM products for guitar companies. First building guitar pickups for the Greco-brand electric guitars produced by Kanda Shokai, Nisshin Onpa in also became an effects pedal manufacturer. They created a fuzz-wah pedal that was very popular, and marketed under multiple trade names including Ibanez.

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Ibanez Tube Screamer History Please feel free to use info from this web site on ebay or other websites, but please give credit to analogman. The most popular use of a tube screamer is to push a tube amp to make it overdrive more, but they sound good through almost anything. It was preceded by the Orange “Overdrive” and green “Overdrive-II” which came in narrower boxes without the battery cover, and the reddish “Overdrive-II” which had a box very similar to the TS The lighter green OD Overdrive-II is also in the TS style box and has a circuit which is similar to the – the board part numbers only differ by one digit.

Almost all TS’s sound great. There were some TSs made in the period, mostly for other than USA markets, that came in a narrower box. These have a bottom plate that unscrews to change the battery like an MXR pedal, no plastic battery cover. This narrow TS had a different circuit. It uses two chips which are the 1st version of the low-tech dual op-amp. These had a circuit board labeled OD It is a very accurate reissue except they used JRCD chips instead of the chips.

We have a mod to make these the same as the originals.

Legendary Tones

The Maxon OD Overdrive – Provides the natural, mild overdrive of a tube amp without sacrificing your guitar’s original tone. In addition, it can be used as a clean booster to provide increas The SD-9 Sonic Distortion delivers the classic distortion sound of the eighties and provides an enormous amount of sustain with a defined mid-range.

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